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At iVision, we put our clients first; your success is our success. Our results and commitment to our clients continue to distinguish us.

iVision has supported the following organizations:



U.S. Health & Human Services

For the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), our team provides on-going support for the development of the Enterprise Architecture (EA).  Our team provides HHS Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance support.  We help manage the EA decision support processes, develop segment architectures, co-ordinate with various stakeholder, participate in milestone reviews, training, and provide technical tools support and reports.  Our team has worked with the department program leaders to integrate data from various programs into a single repository and supported the development efforts for having a department-wide data model.

U.S. Department of Energy

For the Department of Energy (DOE) it was important to manage, analyze and provide insight into how to best manage and optimize IT Portfolios through the understanding of the IT Portfolio and the relationships between applications, standards, technology and information – and how all those align to the needs of the business.  Out team provided support to configure the application environment for capturing the Enterprise-wide technology standards and information.  Our team developed an solution to pull data from the BDNA Technopedia Software and Hardware Product catalog to make it available within the Enterprise Architecture repository.  From there the application and information is aligned to provide a line-of-sight to help the business make sense of their technology in use and plan for target architectures.

Fidelity Investments

At Fidelity Investments, our team provides expertise in the technical management of the Enterprise Architecture repository.  Our focus is on delivering the business units with visualizations using industry leading technologies such as Data-Driven Documents (D3 – http://d3js.org/).  Our team provides technical expertise in configuration, installation and management of the Fidelity Enterprise Architecture repository using the Troux Enterprise Architecture (EA) platform.  Our team works with the business unit team members to identify the meta-data

U.S. Department of Labor

At the Department of Labor (DOL), our team was brought in by an Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool vendor to support the departments use of the product and enhance their Enterprise Architecture.  Our team provided the Business Transformation Program Office with technical expertise in best implementation practices and strategic guidance in solution offering for stakeholders.  Our team worked with the business units that when combined with expertise in managing the technical infrastructure required to support the business allowed for a success implementation of the Enterprise Architectures governance and processes.  Our team assisted with Strategic Planning and Program Support, Collaboration Activities, Planning for EA Assessment and Maturity, and Tool Enhancement and Integration. 


Johnson Controls, Inc

At Johnson Controls, Inc (JCI), our team provided Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities to allow JCI to meet their commitments to their stakeholders.  Our resources developed reports within the existing solution on-time and under budget allowing JCI to regain stakeholder confidence in their solution.  The business intelligence solution was enhanced using a scalable solution that increased performance as well.  Our team members worked closely with the data administrator and database administrator to understand the data access, data analysis, and general data requirements and tool capabilities. 

GP Strategies

At GP Strategies, our team provided Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities.  Through the use of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes, our team integrated data from multiple sources into a central repository.  Following industry best practices to gather the data requirements, data cleansing, data mapping and sizing of the environment prior to development of the solution.  In addition, our team members worked closely with our partner to manage the design and development of the solutions used to present data to stakeholders and executive management. 


charles SCHWAB

At Charles Schwab, our deployment experts provide Troux based support in areas of customizing and implementing various features of the Troux Source platform.  Our deployment architects work along-side Architects to help realize value from the Troux Source platform.  Providing support in areas of Reports development focused on Auditing history and change tracking, development of customized widgets and technical support for customized Schwab Application workflow, iVision helps Schwab make the most of the Troux Source enterprise architecture investment. 


MOFFITT Cancer Center

At Moffitt Cancer Center, the iVision deployment experts closely worked with the excellent Moffitt team to implement an end-to-end, fully automated solution for the Technology Portfolio Management (TPM).  With Moffitt, our team supported the data verification process of BDNA Normalize and the discovered asset information on the Moffitt infrastructure.  The iVision expert team applied best practices and lessons learned from other customers to identify the data inconsistencies from the discovered data to the normalized data.  Once the data normalization was successful, the iVision team supported Moffitt in capturing the software products and hardware models within the Troux environment.  The automated pull of information from BDNA Normalize and Technopedia allows Moffitt excellent visibility into their risk posture of their software and hardware products in use throughout their network.


Executive Office for United States Attorneys

At EOUSA, our team of experts supported the implementation of the iVision Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) solution.  The Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) integration collector is an application developed by iVision for integrating the BDNA Technopedia catalog data into the TrouxSource Platform.  The TPM integration collector is the only API based, a configurable solution allowing organization control of the data integration from the BDNA Technopedia product catalog with the TrouxSource Platform.

S&P Global

At S&P Global, the iVision team supported the deployment of the Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) solution in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Our team started by taking the S&P “homegrown” technology catalog and mapping the technology catalog to the industry software product which was then enhanced with the manufacturer lifecycles.  The integration of the manufacturer lifecycle to aid S&P Global in their standards management process is automated from the BDNA Technopedia catalog on a scheduled basis or an on-demand basis.  Using advanced InSight capabilities, S&P Global is able to view their standard products across the organization in easy-to-read visualizations.

Warner Brothers

At Warner Brothers, our team of experts are working closely with the Enterprise Architecture support team to enable a migration from the current Enterprise Architecture system using the Troux Source platform to an upgraded version of the solution.  Our team supports the migration efforts, trouble-shoot and provide fix for customized data collectors and support the development and configuration of the Troux Source InSight module.  With the support from iVision and Troux professional services experts, Warner Brothers is on track in meeting an internal deadline for the migration and upgrade of their Troux Source environment well in advance of an aggressive timeline that even the CIO didn’t think was possible.